* Mental Paralysis - Man V3.0

This questionnaire is intended for men

By filling out this questionnaire, you can determine to what extent your life has been affected by the harm of sexual abuse. You test yourself on the currently known consequences of the damage. The term mental paralysis is described on this website. DO NOT fill out this list without first reading the corresponding instruction text. It also describes how to interpret the results. Warning: Completing this questionnaire is confrontational. Make sure there is someone with whom you can discuss your score.


A note about your privacy. This survey is anonymous. The data stored in the survey you have entered, do not contain any data that divert to you, except if asked in a question. You can also fill in your name and email address at the end, and we will keep you informed about activities and changes. Any data supplied by you will be treated as confidential. In all our activities, we act under the ethical code of the Dutch Association for Psychotherapy (NAP). Feel free to post comments. We process important recommendations in subsequent versions.