Test Mental Paralysis

Sexual abuse causes you to become trauma-sexual and suffer from a mental paralysis

Test mental paralysis

Before filling out, read the text below carefully. You need to know what you are getting into.
Do not take it to lightly.

You are about to fill out the questionnaire about the consequences of the damage of sexual abuse. This questionnaire is about all the non-sexual consequences: the psychological spinal cord injury.  After filling it out, you will get a detailed result on how you score on the different parts of this.

The results can be very confronting and while filling out the questionnaire a range of feelings can surface. Some questions address a layer of feelings that you are not (yet) aware of.

Effects of filling in the form: confronting, recognition. “So that’s part of it too.”

The questionnaire is meant for you to get a better grip on and awareness of the damage. You are confronted with the enormous influence that abuse has on many facets of your life. You may experience that as very unpleasant. It does open your eyes and some quarters ‘drop’.

Use the results of this test and the other tests, together with a counselor or social worker, to see which items need extra attention.

This list is not necessarily intended as a diagnostic tool but as a tool to get in touch with topics related to sexual abuse. For the vast majority of men who were sexually abused as boys, all of the topics listed come up within their life themes.