The splitted image: male survivors of childhood sexual abuse

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Peter John Schouten ECP / TES

Workshop two: The splitted image: survivors of childhood sexual abuse.

Do you know what traumasexuality is? And a mental paralysis?
These are two of my concepts of the effects of childhood sexual abuse.

After my workshop you have knowledge about what happens in the moment the sexual abuse starts and the effects in life afterwards. You know more about the topics of the healing process and what important role psychodrama and you as director can play.

The workshop is interesting for everyone because it shows how to work with the divided self and how to deal with an internalized sexual force.

In the thirty five years of experience in working with this group, I discovered what happens in the moment of the abuse with the young personality in development and which process is needed to recover from the damage.

In the moment, the perpetrator enters the personality with a sexual force. This has a strong splitting and dividing impact which is the cause of many problems in life afterwards. If nothing happens short after the event(s), the memories of the abuse go underground. In this “in between time” the survivor is traumasexual and has a psychic paralysation without being aware of it.

These two complex items will be explained in the workshop.

It takes years before the abuse comes back in the consciousness and it begins to ask for healing. Healing means to get rid of the perpetrator who is still inside, keeping away the frozen parts from the survivor parts.
The survivor has five connections with his perpetrator. All five must be broken.

The psychodrama stage is a very efficient but confronting way to help the parts come together again. The magic of psychodrama connects in a way to the magical world of sexuality.

This asks knowledge and courage of the psychodtherapist to go into that world with the protagonist.

The workshop is interesting for everyone because it shows how to work with the divided self and how to deal with an internalised force.
It also gives an opportunity to see how a good theory supports the healing process.
Peter John Schouten (Sydney, 1953)
Psychotherapist / Psychodramatist / Traumasexologist
Instituut for Psychodrama /Expertise Centre Traumasexoloy

member of FEPTO / EAP

Utrecht / Cothen
The Netherlands



An interactive introduction to Traumasexology in combination with psychodrama.

Traumasexology and psychodrama is a two /three day workshop for care-providers, therapists, psychodramatists, psychologists, counselors and experts by experience. 

Do you guide people with (sexual) childhood trauma in any setting? Then this workshop will be an indispensable manual for you. The complex problems that this target group has to solve, require counselors (m/f) who know themselves and have knowledge of Traumasexology.

This science brings you into contact with the comprehensive, serious damage that is caused by sexual abuse and teaches you to understand in depth what needs to happen in the healing process.

Childhood abuse and sexual abuse leave deep marks on the personality. What is the damage to the inner structure after a major sexual experience in childhood, how can you observe the effects and what can you do about it with psychodrama and/or constellations?

In this workshop you will learn to look at clients through a ‘Traumasexological’ lens. You learn to see how the damage and consequences manifest themselves in your consultation room and you learn to recognize the inner structure of a human after sexual abuse. You also learn what you can do as a supervisor.

You learn about the ‘lost second’ how an experience can become timeless and placeless and how, without awareness, it still determines the entire life.

You will be introduced to methods to bring the content of this second into reality.

Topics covered:

The Moment (the shock etc.),the Damage (difference with consequences)

Traumasexuality (about the perpetrator imprint: about sexual and gender identity)

Mental paralysis (about the frozen no, about paralysis and muteness, division and being occupied)

An important tool for guidance are the more than thirty psychodramatic setups and see and find opportunities to really do something about the inner damage caused by sexual abuse. 

In the workshops we work with various models that help to get your cliënts in touch with the damaged inner self, for example:

-The model of the occupation

-Dissociation as a response to the occupier

-The sexual pins (imprint of the perpetrator’s needs)

-The carousel of guilt, shame, bagatel and secrets


Traumasexology is a new science that describes in detail the complex damage that is caused by sexual abuse and demonstrates the consequences of the damage. The consequences that have now been discovered are the mental paralysis, traumasexuality and the thematic life movements that result from it. These are clearly visible in the auto-psychodrama’s in which victims play out their unresolved damage in everyday life.

Psychodrama is the science that explores the truth with the elementary drama techniques from the Greek theater. This concerns personal relationships, individual worlds and the social structures within which people function. Psychodrama is a powerful tool in processing sexual trauma because it connects with the playful, magical person. The vision of the inspiration of human behavior and the way of working on stage both function as a bridge between people’s own virtual world and the reality of existence.

Providing assistance with the healing process of sexual abuse is an art and skill. For clients, it is not only about bringing a painful story into reality, but also about getting rid of a sexual occupier that, like a parasite, influences all facets of their life. The damaged basic human functions must also be restored and one’s own identity rediscovered. As a supervisor of these complex processes, in-depth knowledge is indispensable, but not enough. The counselor himself is the most important instrument in a healing care relationship.

Workshop leaders

Peter John Schouten (Sydney, 1953) is a Trainer, Educator & Supervisor (TES) in Psychodrama and Psychotherapist (ECP). He is director of the Institute for Psychodrama and founder of Excetra, the Expertise Center for Traumasexology in Utrecht.

He is the author of ‘Traumasexuality, sexually abused as a boy, men between victim and perpetrator’ (2016-2023). 

In his second book ‘Traumasexology and Psychodrama’ (for now only in Dutch) he introduces the science of Traumasexology, where he not only introduces new frameworks and concepts regarding sexual abuse, but also a range of options and methods to provide help and guidance to people who want to recover from their childhood sexual trauma. His focus is now on training in Traumasexology and combating the ‘collective no’ that stands in the way of wise treatment and expert help to the target group.

Loes Stolker (Driebergen, 1947) is a Trainer and Educator in Psychodrama and Traumasexology. She is a social worker and a group-psychotherapist. She worked in addiction care and did therapeutic work with groomed and raped girls, mothers of incest-victims and did groups for women who became pregnant by incest/sexual violence. She co-wrote a book ‘In the light’ that describes the problems of the latter group.