The splitted image: male survivors of childhood sexual abuse

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Peter John Schouten ECP / TES

I gave this workshop for the first time in the Netherlands
as a Masterclass at Avans University, October 2013.

Also at AANZPA Conference in Melbourne January 2014

The splitted image: survivors of childhood sexual abuse.

Do you know what traumasexuality is? And a mental paralysis?
These are two of my concepts of the effects of childhood sexual abuse.

After my workshop you have knowledge about what happens in the moment the sexual abuse starts and the effects in life afterwards. You know more about the topics of the healing process and what important role psychodrama and you as director can play.

The workshop is interesting for everyone because it shows how to work with the divided self and how to deal with an internalized sexual force.

In the thirty five years of experience in working with this group, I discovered what happens in the moment of the abuse with the young personality in development and which process is needed to recover from the damage.

In the moment, the perpetrator enters the personality with a sexual force. This has a strong splitting and dividing impact which is the cause of many problems in life afterwards. If nothing happens short after the event(s), the memories of the abuse go underground. In this “in between time” the survivor is traumasexual and has a psychic paralysation without being aware of it.

These two complex items will be explained in the workshop.

It takes years before the abuse comes back in the consciousness and it begins to ask for healing. Healing means to get rid of the perpetrator who is still inside, keeping away the frozen parts from the survivor parts.
The survivor has five connections with his perpetrator. All five must be broken.

The psychodrama stage is a very efficient but confronting way to help the parts come together again. The magic of psychodrama connects in a way to the magical world of sexuality.

This asks knowledge and courage of the psychodtherapist to go into that world with the protagonist.

The workshop is interesting for everyone because it shows how to work with the divided self and how to deal with an internalised force.
It also gives an opportunity to see how a good theory supports the healing process.
Peter John Schouten (Sydney, 1953)
Psychotherapist / Psychodramatist / Traumasexologist
Instituut for Psychodrama /Expertise Centre Traumasexoloy

member of FEPTO / EAP

Utrecht / Cothen
The Netherlands